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Periodically, Sno-King Environmental Protection Coalition will send out updates via email, to announce developments on the part of the City, County, and Blue Square Real Estate. It may also be used for a call to action, when community response is needed.

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Archive of Past Updates

2020 Newsletters

04/23 - Pt Wells - Contested Ownership?
01/09 - BSRE Subimts New Plans

2019 Newsletters

05/26 - Judge Gives BSRE One More Chance
05/26 - Appeal Hearing Completed
04/16 - BSRE Appeal Delayed to May 10
04/11 - BSRE Appeal Set for April 19

2018 Newsletters

11/05 - BSRE Files Appeal in Superior Court
10/04 - SnoCo Council Asks for Motion to Affirm
09/30 - Comments Limited at Council Hearing
09/26 - Oct. 3 Hearing Date for Appeal
08/22 - BSRE Files Appeal
08/09 - HE Rejects Most of Motion to Reconsider
07/27 - Developer Asks for Reconsideration
07/13 - Details of the Decision
06/29 - Application Denied!
06/11 - Post Hearing Update
05/11 - Issues for Comment
05/04 - Your Chance to Comment

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