Point Wells - Status

Public Hearings - May 17 & 18

The Snohomish County Hearing Examiner held a public hearing in Everett on the application for the 3,000+ unit development at Point Wells. Although the project has been in the planning stages for over eight years, the county had notified the de-veloper, BSRE, that there were five critical areas where BSRE had still not submitted accurate or complete information. The purpose of the hearing was to determine whether the application should be denied or whether the developer should be granted more time to provide the county with the required information.

The hearing began on May 16 and included time on May 17 and 18 for public comment. BSRE began the hearing presenting the overall design of the project and giving brief answers to some of the critical issues raised by the county. Snohomish County then presented why they feel BSRE has failed to provide the necessary information in the five critical areas and concluded by repeating their recommendation that the application be denied.

The public comment period started the afternoon of May 17. There were a few local residents who made the trip up to Everett to offer their comments. The common theme was that the project is just too big for its isolated location at the end of a two-lane residential road. Local Point Wells expert Tom McCormick made a long presentation arguing in detail that there is little excess capacity on Shoreline streets for new traffic from Point Wells, that the many buildings in the plan over 90 feet in height violate the county’s 90-foot-height limit for developments that are not near high capacity transit and that BSRE did not deserve any more time because they have spent the last seven years resisting requests for information by the county.

While only a few residents managed to appear in person, over 100 comment letters were sent to the hearing examiner in the last month.The hearing extended into the next week with the both the developer and the county calling witnesses to testify about the various issues raised by the county. The hearing examiner is expected to issue his ruling shortly. Whatever his decision, it is expected the decision will be appealed by the losing side, potentially adding more years to the long running saga

Key Documents

All the Point Wells documents for the hearing are located on the Point Wells Exhibit page, which includes hundreds of docs including every single public comment sent in the last 7 years.

Here are specific links to final briefs:

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